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Embedded Tool Kit

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, there is a need to properly test the security of devices that you create or buy. On the one hand, embedded penetration testing presents a sizeable challenge, due to the lack of user interfaces, the extensive use of bespoke code, and the small filesystem footprint. On the other hand, embedded devices often represent an outdated perspective of security and often many of the modern defences found on production servers are not present on embedded devices.

This website presents the beginnings of an embedded tool kit that details, and in some cases provides, tools that may be useful when attempting a penetration test of an embedded device.

Tools for download


SSL certificate cloner - jackal
Jackal clones SSL certificates for use in man-in-the-middle testing.


Command Line Interface / Application Programming Interface - cliapi
Cliapi lets you run functions in executables and libraries from the command line.


Breakpoint Shenanigans - bps
Bps is a non-interactive debugger that prints out useful information on breakpoints.

Useful hardware

Bus Pirate

The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. With embedded hacking it is often used to interface with 5v or 3.3v serial connections, such as UART. Finding and connecting to a serial port on an embedded device often gives you root without needing to do anything else.

Logic Analysers

Logic analysers are like digital oscilloscopes with multiple channels. Simply connect the leads to an interesting looking bus and examine the signals; this could be useful to find serial protocols.

Useful software

Minicom / cutecom

Minicom and cutecom are terminal emulators that are useful in communicating with serial consoles. Minicom is very much like a standard TTY of old, whereas cutecom is a GUI app that separates the input from the output and allows either to be independently set to ascii or hex.

Firmware unpacking

Firmware images are packed in a variety of formats, but often they are either squashfs or cpio, often they are compressed, and often they are packed into a container. Use binwalk to find sections within the containers, dd to extract, xz/gzip/bzip2 to decompress, and unsquashfs/cpio to unpack. With the final step, you may get some joy out of using 7zip as it seems to support a variety of squashfs formats.

Dynamic analysis

gdb is the de facto interactive debugger, but see bps above.

Static analysis

objdump and Ida Pro are both disassemblers. There is a reason why Ida is commercial; it is very very good.

Cantor Dust

Only seen a talk and a demo so far but this approach/concept looks very useful for analysing binary files.

Crypto tools

Openssl command line provides functionality but there is a lack of decent crypto-hacking tools available.

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